Filtering Excel range in NL Rows function

Folks I'm trying to use the NL Rows function over an Excel list with filtered values.  In the example table below, how could I return the list of Ford Models (Fiesta,Focus, Explorer), i.e. the values in cells D6:D8 using NL function?

There may be answers in historical posts but I'm unable to access them for some reason.  

Thanks for your help!



  C D
  Make Model
3 Hyundai Elentra
4 Hyundai Sonata
5 Hyundai Accent
6 Ford Fiesta
7 Ford Focus
8 Ford Explorer
9 Nissan Altima
10 Nissan Cube
11 Nissan Sentra
12 Nissan Versa
13 Nissan Maxima


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