Report shows Top # of Items within each Location, for a specific time period

I am running an Inventory efficiency report.

This report currently lists all locations (rows) and Total Inventory Value based on dates (columns are 0-4 m / 4-6 m / 6-9 m /12-24 m etc)

My Total Inventory Value is pulling from the Item Ledger Entries, and filtered using Remaining Qty.  This report works, and well.

The addition to this report that is begin requested is:

Can we see the Top 10 items in each section?

ie. within each Location, and within each time category, what are the Top 10 Items that have the most inventory value still remaining ...

I have set up the Replicating Rows function for the Locations, and an example of the Inventory Value currently being pulled is:

=NL("Sum","Item Ledger Entry","=NF(,""Remaining Quantity"") * (NF(,""Cost Amount (Actual)"") + NF(,""Cost Amount (Expected)"")) / NF(,""Quantity"")","Depart Dimension",$C41,"Posting Date",VLOOKUP(J$5,Dates,2,FALSE),"Remaining Quantity","<>0")

How to I add Top 10 Items to each Location (actually using Depart Dimensions)?


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