Conditional replication

I would like to make rows from either one or another NL-function dependent on an IF-function.

I know that the IF-function need to be inside the NL Row-function, but I can't get it to work. I have read the small article about conditional replication.

I have these two NL-formulas. The first should be activated if the first condition in the IF-function is TRUE and the other one, IF it is FALSE:


2. 'NL("rows","Sagsopgave",,"Elsec-status",$F$2,"Ansvarlig",$C$3,"+Sagsnr.",NL("filter","Sag","Nummer","Sagsbogføringsgruppe",$E3,"Spærret","''"))

Please note it's "open" Nl-functions - I don't return a field (NF-function to follow). I understand that I should write the Table-name (in this case "Sagsopgave") in the second argument in the IF-function and the { } (always {} and why???) in the third argument.

Anyone know how to solve this? I have tried many different combinations, but with no luck. 

(I know you can't read the field-names in the NL-functions, but I guess that's not important)


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