Creating Rows using a calculated field, and filtered by another table

I am trying to create a report of the Top 10 Vendors / Item Category ... listing the past 3 years of purchases.

The only thing not working, is the sorting of the Vendors ... It is listing some Vendors with all 0 costs across all 3 date ranges, and in some cases, it is listing vendors that don't purchase in that category ...

I would like to use the Current YTD Date Filter, and the Item Category filter from column B ... 

This is what I have right now ...

=NL("Rows","Vendor",,"-Purchases ($)","<>0","Date Filter",Options!$C$9,"Limit=","10","LINK=","Value Entry","Source No.","=No.","Item Cat Level 2",$B14)

It is sorting based on "Purchases", but I don't know how to sort it based on the calculated value from col "Curr YTD Cost"

Curr YTD Cost  =NL("Sum","Value Entry","Cost Amount (Actual)","Posting Date",Options!$C$9,"Item Ledger Entry Type","Purchase","Item


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