SUMIF linking to NL Table Builder not working when refreshed

Hi Guys,


Hopefully someone can help me.

I have a worksheet with multiple NL queries - all for different Entities

I also have a summary page where i would like the total value of each entity to be picked up from the Jet report when i run the NL Query. I am using a SUMIF,on the summary page, picking up the a specific company and returning the amount. for example =SUMIF('Revenue - Summary'!D:D,"PII*",'Revenue - Summary'!K:K)

The above formula works well and picks up the Total, however when i refresh or re run the NL report the formula comes up with a #REF error: =SUMIF('Revenue - Summary'!D:D,"PII*",'Revenue - Summary'!#REF)

Is there away i can link the totals to a summary page and refresh/re run at anytime without getting this REF error?




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