Scheduler Batch not running after disconnecting RDP session

I have an old PC setup to run my batch Jet Reports overnight.  Everything has been working fine for the last 7 months or so until last week.

Normally I just RDP into the PC, set the schedules and then disconnect the session leaving things "logged" in.  This has worked great except for the times when a Microsoft update triggers a reboot of the PC and then I just need to RDP back in and all of the batches fire off.  I then disconnect and things run fine until the next reboot.

All of that changed last week after an update.

Now when I disconnect the RDP session, the scheduled reports dont run until I log back in with RDP.  Then all of the queued up reports run.

After looking at the log files it appears that scheduled batch runs up to the point of "AutoPilotProgram.Init AutoPilotLog" and then stops.  When I reconnect RDP then the process starts backup and the next line is "AutoPilot.RunBatch".

After days of testing and trying to get this to work again, I discovered that the problem is specifically related to RDP.

I used a different program (LogMeIn) to connect to the PC and then disconnected.  This time the scheduled batches ran just fine like they were supposed to.

Just to reconfirm that it was RDP, I went back in through RDP and reset the scheduled times and disconnected.  Nothing ran until I connected back in with RDP and then all of the batches ran as if i had just triggered them.

I've been through the documentation for "Jet Excel Scheduler Permissions - Running Scheduled Tasks When Logged Off" and that has no effect.  Disconnecting from RDP prevents the scheduled batches from running whether a user is logged in or not.


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