difference between Jet Basics Lic. & a viewer Lic

Hi Guys,


Jet is currently driving me mad and so is my MS Partner.

To cut a long story short, i had the standard Jet Bascis pack and was loving life, however i need access to the JET Disgner Lic. to do some advance stuff.- i asked my MS Partner to take another user off Jet Des. and allocate it to me. This was done and a few days later the Lic. was changed back to the original User. - Since then i have been stuck on a JET Viewer Lic. - which by hte way is the worst Lic.  Ever.

I have tried, installing and uninstalling to get my standard JET Basics package back with zero luck - i am stuck as a viewer


How do i get back to a standard JET Lic.


Please help guys.... this viewer Lic. is really painful, all i can do is 'Run' a report.



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