Filter Link Table using NL(Table or Use a calculated formula to filter NL(Table


I am trying to make a report which uses the"Sales Shipment Line" as the base table and links to the "Sales Header Archive" Table so that I can pull the "created by" field from the "Sales Header Archive". The issue I am having is that when I link these tables the NL(Table formula pulls the oldest archived Sales order ("Version No." = 1) from the Sales Header Archive Table. I need it to pull the newest/latest Version No. Obviously, I can pull the version no. I want into the report using the NL(Last formula  but I cannot figure out how to use the NL(Last Formula to filter my report. I would like to either use the NL(Last formula as a filter to insert into the Link formula for the "Sales Header Archive" or I would like to somehow create filter for my NL Last Formula so that it will remove any rows which meet a certain criteria.




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