Help upgrading Service Tier and Hub

I can find no real info regarding upgrade method, upgrade path and version compatibility. Where to look? Who can answer my questions?


I have a customer running Jet Hub/Tier version 19.5 and matching Excel plug-in. How do i get to current version?


Danish Jet support claim that i have to upgrade to 19.8, then 20.0, then 20.2, then 20.3.19214, then 20.3.19276, and then 20.4.

The reason is that the DB is often not compatible to be upgraded and in this case a new empty DB is created and all data and history is lost. Upgrade path should be newest version within major relase, to first version of next major, to newest within major and so on and so on. And even then i am to expect that at some point the DB will be incompatible and not upgrade, so they recommend to just dump DB and install newest release fresh.

This can simply not be correct???

On top of this, aparrantly Jet recommend not installing on top of old, and actually uninstalling components and installing the new - for every step??

Is this for real??


And how about a compatibility matrix between versions of Hub/Tier and Excel plug-ins? Just so i can know if all clients need to be upgraded straight away to function, or i can do the client upgrades ad hoc...


Hope someone can point me in the right direction?


Niels Torlund


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