Sorting over multiple NL Rows after exploding non normalized data

Hello All,

We have non normalized custom fields in the Sales Invoice Line table. To explode them (similarly to the way a Production BOM is exploded), we have 4 NF Filter array functions where the filters are CustomField1 <> '', CustomField2 <> '', CustomField3 <> '' and CustomField4 <> '' and each returns "Document No.".

We cannot use standard Jet array functions because all of the duplicate keys would be removed. As a work-around, we then have 4 stacked NL Rows functions where the filter is "Document No." and then one of the NL Filter functions described above.

All of the above work together to return the data that we need. The problem is that the data produced feeds a Pivot Table which needs to be in Posting Date sequence. Because of the 4 stacked NL Rows functions, the Posting Dates are not in the correct sequence in aggregate.

How can we sort all of the aggregate stacked NL Rows data by Posting Date so the Pivot Table displays correctly?


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