How to use NL Filter with multi column table key

Hello all,

I want to use the NL Filter function to create arrays used for further processing. But if the table has a Multi-Column primary key, how do I enter that in the array function. As an example, the Production BOM Line table primary key is "Production BOM No.", "Version Code" and "Line No.". To use NL("Filter", you have to specify a Field Name used to define the array. But I need to specify all 3 columns to be able to identify unique values after filtering.

If I was filtering the Item table, I would use =NL("Filter", "Item", "No.",Filters, etc). I tried this, but it didn't work =NL("Filter", "Production BOM Line", "{"Production BOM No.", "Version Code", "Line No"},Filters, etc). Any help would be appreciated.


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