NP UNION not returning complete list


i have two filters that separately run and produce proper results.  When I NP Union them to get a combined list some of the results are missing.  I cannot determine why this is happening.

Here are my two filters:

=NL("Filter","Stockkeeping Unit","Vendor No.","Quantity on Hand","<>0","Item No.",$C$4,"Vendor No.",$C$3,"Location Code","SURREY|CALGARY")

=NL("Filter","Purchase Header","Buy-from Vendor No.","Buy-from Vendor No.",$C$3,"Link=","Purchase Line","Document No.","=No.","No.",$C$4,"Type","Item")


Here is my union statement:


But when I run the report like 7 vendors are missing but they show up in the Purchase header filter when run on its own.  Is there a reason for this?  I'm not sure how to get an accurate result.  Any help is appreciated.







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