Selection Criteria based on "partial" field

I am selecting Jobs based upon the following criteria:

=@NL("Rows","Job","No.","Status","Open","Job Posting Group","Construction")

Job Output looks like:   1929P34.

I want to select all Value Entry which look like the following:

=@NL("Sum","Value Entry","Item Ledger Entry Quantity","Job No.",$I11,"Item No.","01|02")

Where $I11 is the full Job No. but I'd like to match only on the first 5 characters of the Job No.  (i.e. 1929P*).    I'm fairly new to Jet Reports and don't know how to write this formula.  I can write an Excel formula to truncate after the 5 digits, but I haven't figured out how to add the "wildcard" into my "selection criteria" on the Job No. field.   

Any ideas appreciated!!


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