Combine multiple (unrelated) tables

Hi, I'm relatively new to Jet Reporting and have previously only used tables.

I want a report showing rows of: 

  • sales invoice lines
  • sales cr. memo lines
  • purchase invoice lines
  • purchase cr. memo lines 


based on a user-defined Global Dimension 1 filter. 

I want the resulting report to show the following fields, which are common (albeit slightly differently named) to each table (or their respective header tables): 

  • Posting date,
  • Document type,
  • Document no.
  • Account (either customer or vendor name),
  • Currency Code,
  • Currency Factor,
  • Amount, and
  • Remaining amount.


I am able to get the information I need using 4 separate NL("Rows" functions on top of each other, however if the filtered dimension doesn't appear in any one of those tables, the report crashes citing: 'empty filter not allowed' (or something similar)

Any help gratefully received. 



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