Multiple subtotal

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create AR report. I need to have a report that shows
me the country, customer and his outstanding invoices. And then
I need to make a subtotal of numbers according to country and at
the same time the total number. But the subtotal according to country
is not working. I am convinced that it is caused by formula in bold mentioned below
(Rows=5, rows=3).
cell F20  =NL("Rows=5";"18 Customer";"35 Country/Region Code")
cell E21 =NL("Rows=3";"18 Customer";;"1 No.";$H$6;"+2 Name";"*";"35 Country/Region Code";F20;"61 Net Change (LCY)";"<>0";"55 Date Filter";$N$3)
cell E22 =NL("Rows";"21 Cust. Ledger Entry";;"3 Customer No.";$G21;"4 Posting Date";$N$3;"14 Remaining Amount";"<>0";"76 Date Filter";$N$3)

  Please, any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.




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