data from both companies in ava with filters for each

I have a report that runs on the following NL function from NAV2016

=@NL("Rows","Sales Line",,"Sell-to Customer No.","BVC000012","Document Type","Quote","Document No.",$C$7,"Item Category Code","*","Link=","Item Translation","Item No.","=No.","Language Code",$C$3,"DataSource=","BV Data Source")

but need to also add this to it to return the same form the other company with different cust no and quote no

=@NL("Rows","Sales Line",,"Sell-to Customer No.","MARI03","Document Type","Quote","Document No.",$C$11,"Item Category Code","<>EV","Link=","Item Translation","Item No.","=No.","Language Code",$C$3)

I added the two NL functions one below the other but it just appears to hang, is this the wrong way to do it and if so what is the better way if there is one, trying to avoid two reports



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