Jet Removing All Tables in Excel


I have several Jet Reports in Excel where the report is linked to Pivot Tables, which in turn are used to populate Tables for analysis.

This has worked well but has suddenly stopped functioning in both new and older reports. Each time I refresh I receive the below message, and all my tables are removed.

"This report contains an Excel Table which is being used in a way that is incompatible with Jet. You should either move the Excel Table to it's own worksheet or use NL(Table) instead. Jet will removed all invalid Excel tables before running this report."

Does anybody have any advice on how to remedy this problem?

As it is affecting reports that previously functioned well, I am drawn to thinking it is not an issue with the Reports themselves - potentially something to do with the configuration or an update.

I have two separate pages for the Pivot Tables (which are seemingly unaffected) and another for the Tables, which are all disappearing upon a refresh. There are no tables/Pivots on the main page with the Jet Functions.



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