Filter on calculated fields give inconsistent results


I am trying to restrict rows returned by using a calculation involing 2 fields on the record.

I am aware of the technique of using something like the embedded NF functions below

=@NL("rows","Stock Availability",{"Bin Code","Document Line No.","Document No.","Document Type","Location","Lot No.","Split Line No","Variant","Item No.","Product Code","Curr. Growing","Curr. Ready"},"=NF(,""Curr. Ready"")+NF(,""Curr. Growing"")",">=50")

I get results but they are inconsistent i.e. rows are returned that have the difference less than 50 as well as greater.

">0" works OK

">9" only returns results which start with a 9 i.e. 9, 90, 901 etc

I suspect that the quantity is being thought of as text and not numeric

Any ideas?



Jet 20.0.19116.1, NAV 2018

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