Jet Reports Blank Date filter

We have been using the blank date filter using "''" (double-single-single-double quotes) without any issue on many different computers with different versions of Excel 2010 to 2016.  Yesterday, we have a new user and suddenly an existing report does not run properly only on his computer.

This is related to tables called Customer Group which has "End Date". We want to list all customers belong to a group which have blank "End Date". It does not give him any result but it gives many results on other computers. When we change the formula from "End Date","''" to "End Date","..01/01/90", it shows the result for the blank date customers. It means Jet Reports does not recognize the blank date with two single quotes.

I tried to find out if he has different setups either on Jet or Windows/Excel but could not find one. 

Maybe somebody knows how to fix this issue?

Thank you,




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