Linking 2 tables


Using 'table builder' (complete auto generation) and trying to retrieve data from a second table, the data in the field from the second table remains empty.

The Wizard proposes itself the connection between the 2 tables.


Main table: 123  Purch. Inv. Line

Secondary table: 167 Project


=@NL("link";"167 Project";;"1 Nr.";"=45 Projectnr.")

=@NL("Tabel";"123 Inkoopfactuurregel";$D$5:$H$5;"Koppen=";$D$4:$H$4;"TabelNaam=";"123 Inkoopfactuurregel";"inclusiveLink=123 Inkoopfactuurregel";$D$3;"IncludeDuplicates=";"Waar")

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