done an multiplication in an nl (sum) , is it possible


 i have a table of invoices where i have 2 columns :

   - an numeric columns where i have the quantity  : Quantity

   - an numeric columns  where i have the unit cost  :  Unit cost

and i want to have the sum of quantity * Unit cost  , over a perimeter of invoices 

this :  nl("sum","table invoice", "Quantity"* "Unit cost",....)  don't work 

and i can't do this  :

nl("sum","table invoice", "Quantity",....)  * nl("sum","table invoice", "Unit cost",....) 


and the perimeter of invoice is too big to extract all invoice  and done nf( invoice_line, "Quantity") * nf(invoice_line, "Unit cost") and then sum all results 

thanks for your help 


best regards 

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