Intersect Function Goes Rogue

I'm using an intersect function for two NL filtered item number arrays that work fine if each of the the two datasets have values.  When one of them is null the result of the intersect is apparently all possible items without the filtering - I don't understand why this shouldn't be null since it is supposed to be an intersect.

B2) =@NL("Filter","Item","No.","Item Category Code",$D$4,"Blocked","FALSE","Link=","Item Attribute Value Mapping","No.","=No.","Link=","Item Attribute Value","ID","=Item Attribute Value ID","Attribute ID","9","Value","<>KT&<>S*")

B3) =@NL("Filter","Stockkeeping Unit","Item No.","Location Code",$N$7,"NAV Status","Active","Reordering Policy","Fixed Reorder Qty.","Link=","Item","No.","=Item No.","Item Category Code",$D$4)

Intersect) =@NL("FILTER","Item","No.","No.",NP("Intersect",$B$2,$B$3))

- when B3 is null (i.e. there are not items at the location) - the query jumps the rails and gives me everything 

Assistance greatly appreciated

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