Switching business units & running Jet Report

My company uses NAV for accounting & Jet Report to run financial statements. Within NAV, we have several business units (casino, and food & beverage F&B). We run excel reports via Jet Reports for the Casino business unit, with no problems. When trying to run Jet Report out of the F&B business unit, we ran into the below problem:

The Jet Report template for the F&B business unit is not picking up the specified GL codes in that business unit. I have edited the Jet Report template to reflect the appropriate name of the F&B business unit, and ensured that the revenue/expense GL codes we want to be picked up are accurate. However, when I run the report, the F&B # are not being picked up, and we have no idea what else (within the report; report coding) we can do differently.

Could it be a setting configuration issue of this particular business unit? One thing to note, that I found interesting, is that numbers from the Casino business unit are being picked up in the report, even when I'm still in the F&B business unit. I'm starting to think that Jet Report failed to realise that we are in a different business unit (F&B), and not the regular business unit where we have no problems running reports in. 

Can someone please advise? 

Thanks in advance. 


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