Jet Reports refreshing very slowly


I've been using Jet for a number of years and have a large number of Excel files setup that have been running fine with Jet.

About 2 weeks ago, all the reports started to slow down massively when run on my own laptop. I don't know whether anything changed on my laptop from a software point of view at this time. Nothing new has been installed beyond Windows Updates and Dell Updates.

For context, a report I run earlier on a Remote Connection took 19secs to run but took over 20mins on my laptop (just downloading 5 fields from the bank G/L account...very simple table but with c7k records).

I've uninstalled Jet and reinstalled to the latest version, have ensured that the Data Source and App Settings are identical on the RDP to on my laptop, made sure nothing else is running...but no improvement.

My laptop is a new Dell XPS 13 running a high-spec i7 processor with 32gb of RAM (the RDP is a Xeon with only 8gb of RAM). So this shouldn't be hardware related. Also, Task Manager shows very little processor usage for Excel when running (the same above query is re-running now and is at just over 4mins with Task Manager showing less than 1% of processor power being used by Excel).

My Excel is running Version 2202 (Build 14931.20132) on Windows 11 Pro.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?



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