Table Builder Sum GL Accounts filter zeroes

I am trying to create a G/L reconciliation to show all the balance in a particular G/L account that exist for a given "Loan No." (think "Customer No.") as of a given date (i.e., 3/31/2022). Using an NL function to show rows for each Loan No. with a "sort by sum" filter for "Balance at Date" <>0 times out because there's too much history to sift through. I figured I'd build a table to do the same - list all Loan No., link to the G/L entry table and "sum" "amounts" for each loan in that account.  This I can do, no problem. However, the list is 260k lines long and I want the table to only show a row for each loan where the "sum" of "amount" "<>0".  I tried using the "sort by sum" as an additional filter, but the report takes over 2 hours to run given the volume of g/l entry history. I thought I could link the G/L Entry table with the G/L Account table, however I cannot link the "Loan No." field from the Loan card to the "Loan No. Filter" field in the G/L Account table. What is the best way to pull a G/L Reconciliation for balances in a G/L account by Loan No. (again, think "Customer No.") at a given date where the total is not zero?


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