Merging duplicates from two fitlers


I'm trying to produce a report based on Purchase Order numbers.


Cell D6:=@NL("Filter","Purchase Line","Document No.","Filters=",$C$4:$D$5)  'This returns a Filter of PO Numbers which match the required GL information specified in C4:D5

Cell D12:=@NL("Filter","Purch. Inv. Header","Purchase Order No.","Filters=",$C$9:$D$11)  'Again, a Filter of PO Numbers but where the dimensions and invoice receive date match those in C9:D11


I now need to combine the two lists and return only those purchase orders which appear in both Filters. And that's the bit I'm having trouble with.

  • NP(Union) merges the two lists of PO numbers into one, regardless of whether they appear in one Filter or both, and that gives me too much information.
  • NP(Interset) only works (from what I've read) based on numbers. My PO numbers are alphanumeric.
  • NP(Difference) only seems to give me PO numbers which are definitely in one list or the other, but not both. I think I need the 'anti-difference'

I'm really not sure how to make this work. Can anyone help?


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