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Migrating Jet Analytics to Cloud Platform

  1. Upgrade the On Prem Jet Data Manager to the latest version before exporting the project xml file so it is compatible with the cloud Jet Data Manager. It is also recommended to run the project once with the new version to ensure there aren’t any issues that arise with the latest version. This will ensure that any issues that arise in the cloud are with the cloud setup and not just the newer Jet Data Manager version.
  2. Export the project file from your On Prem Jet Data Manager File Menu:
  3. Login to the Jet Analytics Cloud remote desktop and you should see the Jet Data Manager already open.
  4. In the web browser RDC, top right, there will be an upload button. Upload the project xml file:
    1. Find and open the file
  5. Click File, and then Import in the Jet Data Manager
    1. Navigate to “this PC”, “Remote Desktop Virtual Drive on RDWebClient”, and the “Uploads” folder. The project XML will be located there, click and open:
  6.  Please note you will receive an error if the versions of the On Prem Jet Data Manager and the Cloud Jet Data Manager are different. Upgrade the On Prem Jet Data Manager to the latest version which will match the version in the cloud, and export, upload, and import again.

Add your Data Sources

Click here for Business Central, or here to add a connector for another cloud data source using CData, or here for an on-prem SQL Server data source, and please note on-prem data sources require additional setup in our cloud environment.

Please contact us to discuss on-prem connection options.

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