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Referencing a Blank cell (with @@)

Sometimes you want to filter an NL function based on the contents of another cell or the output of another NL function, where either of which could be a blank value.

The NL function does not allow you to use blank filters, and you will get a #VALUE error message if you fill in a FilterField parameter and leave the corresponding filter blank.

When you are using a cell reference to filter on a blank value, you just need to change the syntax a little.

Any time you are going to reference a cell that has special characters or could be blank, simply put "@@" in front of the cell reference.

For example...

let's assume that we want to use the contents of cell D5 in our filter - but the contents of that cell could be blank.  Here's how:


When D5 is blank, the function will use "@@", instead.  This value is interpreted by your datasource to mean "blank".

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