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Speed up Dynamics GP reports by excluding inactive accounts


Jet Reports users can increase the speed of Dynamics GP financial reports by excluding inactive accounts.

Many Dynamics GP users have large charts of accounts that include many accounts not currently in use.  Marking those accounts inactive can be an excellent way to make sure that these accounts will not clutter up—and slow down—your Jet Reports.

Before making changes to your chart of accounts, you may wish to confer with your GP consultant.  GP users can still sometimes post to inactive accounts; your consultant will be able to help you restrict users’ ability to accidentally post to inactive accounts.

Setting accounts to Inactive in Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP users can mark accounts in two ways:

  1. Marking an individual account

    To mark an individual account inactive, go to Cards , select Financial , and then click Account:  

    Specify the specific account and then click the box for Inactive:

  2. Marking multiple accounts

    To mark multiple accounts inactive, go to Cards , select Financial, and then select Mass Modify.

    Specify the range of accounts and then set the Modify option to Inactivate:


Excluding Inactive Accounts in Jet Reports

To exclude inactive GP accounts, you will need to generate your dynamic lists (replicators) in Jet Reports using the NL function rather than the GP function. We recommend building your list using either the standard GP SQL list Accounts or the custom Jet View Jet GL Account. Here is an example of an NL Rows replicator built to filter out inactive accounts:


See the attached for an example of this technique.

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