Reports don't show values when running in Scheduler

I'm updated from an older version of Jet Reports to Jet Professional 2018.

My reports now don't show values if the run by scheduler.


Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365 Business, Jet Professional 2018

I got a lot of reports running well if started mannually (Refresh), but they don't show values if started by scheduler. Also if I use the scheduler window and start the task manually no values are shown.



2017-11-22 ErrorManager.Handle: A Jet Reports error has occurred:
Eine Ausnahme vom Typ "Jet.Shared.EmptyFilterException" wurde ausgelöst.
bei Jet.Data.Shared.StringFilterCollection.a(String filterField, String filterValue)
bei Jet.Data.Shared.StringFilterCollection.Add(String filterField, String filterValue)
bei d2.a(String filterField, String filter)
bei d2.a()
bei d2.ae()
bei du..ctor(Object[] A_0)
bei d2..ctor(Object[] A_0)
bei de.a(String A_0, Object[] A_1)
bei dc.a(String A_0, Object[] A_1, Boolean A_2, du& A_3, Object& A_4)
bei Jet.JetDispatcher.e(Object[] A_0)

2017-11-22 JetDispatcher.Dispatch: NF


What to do?







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