I've been asked to Modify NB022 Invent Avail Report

I've been asked to add an Available column to the Inventory Availability report.

Our calculation is OH + Due on PO + Due on Transfer - Committed to Sales - Committed to Production. 

I realize the Transfer column doesn't appear on this report so I will have to add that table but first I tried  just adding the Available Column to the end with a formula of

=h10 + I10 - J10 - K10 - L10 

But it throws the error. Pivot Table can't be refreshed Reference not valid.

Do I need to use the formulas in the H,I,J,K & L columns to build the calculation instead to the simple calculation above?

This is my very first jet report so any and all help is very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Vicki Jeter

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