Field is not in the provided field cache

I'm attempting to create a report to display when we shipped less product than what the customer ordered for a given date range by comparing the Quantity Shipped and Ordered Quantity fields on the Sales Line Archive table. I'm receiving an error that states "Field 'Quantity Shipped' is not in the provided field cache." when using the following NL function `=NL("Rows","Sales Line Archive",,"Shipment Date",$F$3, "Ordered Quantity", "="">""&NF(, ""Quantity Shipped"")")`

If I switch the placement of Ordered Quantity and Quantity Shipped then the error complains about the Ordered Quantity field instead.

I can also use an NF function on both fields separately in different cells in excel, so I know the field is in the field cache.

I've already taken a look at this article, but it does not solve my issue.

I'm using Jet Reports v20.0.19116.1 with Dynamics NAV & SI Foodware.


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