Filtering with optional blanks

Hi experts.


I'm trying to pull a report which will return a list of users if either

  • the Dimension Value is blank, or
  • the Dimension Value equals that supplied by the filters.


I know I have at least one user who is blank, and I know I have at least one user with the named filter.


Cell D6 has the Dimension in the filter.

Cell E6 is written as:

=@NL("Rows","User Role","Portal User","Dimension Value",<Blank or D6>,"Approval Role","D*")


I'm having trouble with the <Blank or D6> syntax. I've tried the following options:

  1. "@@"|D6 = #VALUE!
  2. "@@|D6" = returns zero results
  3. "@@&D6" = returns zero results
  4. "'|D6" = returns zero results
  5. D6|"@@" = Jet won't accept it
  6. "@D6|@@" = returns blanks only

Can someone please help me out and tell me what I'm missing? Is it even possible?

Thanks in advance


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